How to Get New Electricity Connection in Pakistan?

Getting a new electricity connection typically involves several steps. The Process may vary depending on your location, so checking with the local electricity distribution company for the most up-to-date and accurate information is advisable. But you don’t need to go to any power company head office to apply for a new connection, you will apply online from the ENC website and submit the required documents. You will provide your information correctly.

After submitting the documents, take the print of the application to submit this application along with the documents required in the sub-division office for further processing. You can also track your application online from the ENC website. Read the below steps to apply online for a new connection.

Fill the Online Form on ENC

First, go to the ENC website to apply for a new connection online. You will see the interface of this website; click on the apply button. Select distribution companies like LESCO, MEPCO, FESCO, HESCO, GEPCO, SEPCO, QEPCO, and more, then choose the subdivision. After this, select the category type, like load up to 15km. 

Choose Connection Type and Fill Your Information

  • Choose the connection type like commercial, domestic, industrial, agriculture, tubewel, etc.
  • Enter your information like name, father’s name, ID card number, permanent residence, mobile number, Email, and more.
  • After filling this, read it again and make sure everything is correct about you. 

Upload Required Documents

After filling out the form for your information, you will now upload your documents like the property document, attested CNIC copy, attested CNC copy of the witness, neighbor electricity bill copy, and wiring contractor test report. Upload all the documents in pdf or jpg. Before uploading, scan all these documents and then upload them carefully.

Get Connection Estimate

After submitting the form and documents, the distribution company sends a representative to your location to survey and provide an estimate for the connection charges like demand notice. This demand notice payment will be payable before the connection. You will pay the amount to their electricity-related bank. 

Installation of Connection

After paying the new connection charges fees, the electricity company will install the new connection. The installation may take some days.

Inspection and Meter Installation

Once your electricity connection is set up, the power company will check to make sure it’s safe and follows all the essential rules. After this safety check, they’ll put a meter at your place to track how much electricity you use. This meter helps the power company know how much to charge you for the electricity you consume.

Yes, you can easily apply for new connections through the ENC website or a related electricity provider company.

You need the property document, attested CNIC copy, attested CNC copy of the witness, neighbor electricity bill copy, and wiring contractor test report.

The ENC (electricity new connection) is an online platform that allows users to apply for a new electricity connection for commercial, domestic, agriculture, and more.

In conclusion, getting a new electricity connection is now more accessible than ever, thanks to online application processes offered by the electricity distribution companies in Pakistan. You can start by visiting the relevant ENC website and completing an online application form. Ensure to provide accurate information and upload the required documents, such as property records and identity cards.

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