Reporting Electricity Theft: Why It’s Important and the Rewards Involved?

Can Pakistan break free from the shackles of electricity theft and illuminate the path toward progress? Yes, electricity theft is a significant legal crime. If we control it, our country can go on the way of development. Electricity theft causes huge losses to electricity companies and users and thus creates many problems that lead to exploitation of the law.

What is Electricity Theft?

The theft of electricity means that you use electricity without paying; it can be from the wires of electricity companies or the meter of another city. Another type of electricity theft is to minimize your electricity bill by tampering with the meter or making an issue. Electricity theft not only causes damage to electricity companies and ordinary citizens but can also lead to various accidents and deaths.

How Electricity Theft Impacts Pakistani Society?

Economic Consequences

One of the primary impacts of electricity theft is its severe strain on the economy. Losses incurred by power distribution companies due to theft result in financial instability and hamper their ability to invest in infrastructure and provide a consistent power supply.

Social Injustice

Electricity theft perpetuates social injustice by allowing some to benefit at the expense of others. While some of the population resorts to illegal connections, others suffer from the consequences of power outages, increased tariffs, and decreased reliability. It exacerbates existing social inequalities, creating a sense of resentment and frustration among law-abiding citizens.

  • Economic Strain and Circular Debt
  • Mismanagement and Social Injustice
  • Impact on Essential Services and Education
  • Environmental Degradation and Energy Inefficiency
  • Rising Tariffs and Affordability Issues
  • Civic Disengagement and Distrust
  • A Call for Collective Responsibility

How to stop Electricity Theft in Pakistan?

Some precautions are required to prevent electricity theft, which are given below:

  • You can catch electricity thieves when you know who is stealing electricity; for that, you need to make people aware of electricity theft. 
  • You will have a complete idea of the electricity consumption in your daily life by how many units you have used in a month. If your units are more used, you can check the primary wire of your meter to your house’s main board. If you see any signs of electricity theft in it, file your complaint immediately.
  • Electricity thieves should be severely punished so no one dares to do such acts.
  • Educating people about the dangers of electricity theft is very important if you want to prevent electricity theft.
  • Study successful strategies used in other countries to combat electricity theft.
  • Collaborate with international organizations and experts to implement effective and culturally appropriate measures.

Why Reporting Electricity Theft?

Theft of electricity is a grave crime, and it causes a lot of damage to the country. It dramatically affects the ordinary citizen, and the rule of law is lost. Stealing electricity is a big fraud to the ordinary citizens and the government, which causes a lot of damage to both.

wapda electricity theft complaint

It creates the problem of power outages and poses a security risk to civilians and thieves. To protect ourselves and our country from harm and avoid various issues, we must file a complaint against power thieves.

What Rewards are Involved?

Electricity theft causes a lot of loss to the company, and their users lose their trust, so to avoid it, the company rewards the people for filing a complaint against the electricity thief and providing proof. These awards can be received in the form of cash and also in the form of a discount on your bill. 

How to Report Electricity Theft?

If you see someone stealing electricity, it is essential for you to report it to the electricity company as soon as possible. Companies have given their complaint numbers; you can register your complaint by SMS or calling them. In addition to the information about where electricity is stolen, as much as you have, for example, take a picture of yourself and provide such evidence to the company so that strict action can be taken against the person who steals electricity.

Companies   Complaints Number

MEPCO 061-9220273
PESCO 091-9217576
SEPCO 071-9310921
FESCO 0345-1501004
LESCO 0800-00118
HESCO 03372192751
lESCO 0800-00118
GEPCO 055-6600921
TESCO 0800-591688

Also, you can call the wapda helpline (118)

  • Power theft identification is essential to prevent financial losses,
  • Ensure fair billing,
  • Enhance safety,
  • Conserve energy,
  • Maintain legal compliance,
  • And attract investments.
  • To stop power theft, 
  • Use advanced metering,
  • Tamper-proof meters,
  • Regular inspections, 
  • Raise community awareness,
  • Enforce strict penalties,
  • Collaborate with law enforcement,
  • Educate staff,
  • And maintain electrical infrastructure.
  • Electricity theft includes meter tampering.
  •  Unauthorized connections.
  •  Commercial electricity theft.
  •  Fraudulent activities.
  •  Energy diversion.
  •  Cannibalization of meters.
  • Prepaid meter fraud.


Electricity theft in Pakistan is a challenge and a call to action. It’s a shadow that dims the potential of progress, an intricate web that intertwines economic strain, social disparities, and environmental concerns. However, within this complex tapestry lies an opportunity for transformation. Pakistan can unravel itself from the clutches of electricity theft by addressing the root causes, implementing stringent measures, and fostering a culture of responsibility.

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