Jazz Monthly Call Packages

Jazz Monthly Call Packages Full Price & Details

Jazz Monthly Call Packages

In today’s busy world, staying in touch is super important. Whether it’s chatting with friends, keeping up with work, or just staying informed, having a good phone plan is a must. That’s where Jazz comes in! They’ve got a bunch of monthly call packages made for everyone.

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Whether you’re a student keeping up with pals or a professional with a crazy schedule, Jazz knows how vital it is to keep talking. They promise to keep you connected without any hiccups, and that’s why everyone knows and loves Jazz all over Pakistan.

Let’s check out what Jazz’s monthly call packages have in store for us. Get ready for convenience, flexibility, and affordability all rolled into one!

Jazz Monthly Call Package in 100 Rupees Code

You’re probably aware that Jez packages are becoming increasingly expensive, with taxes rising as well. So, we’re here to introduce you to a very cheap and excellent Jez call package that will allow you to stay in touch with your loved ones.

Installation Methods

There are different ways to install this package, but I’ll tell you the easiest way through which you can access all its information and also install the package.

  • This package is available at different prices on different SIMs. For example, on a legitimate SIM, you will see this package for 150 rupees. For example, this package will be available for 100 rupees. If you want to know how much this package costs on your SIM, you have to dial *699*4#.
Jazz monthly call package in 100 rupees
  • Another method is if you already know about this package, then dial *699*4*1# and install your package.

Package Details

  • Jazz Monthly Call Package is the Package Name.
  • 100 Load including Tax is the Price.
  • It contains 1000 On-Net Minutes.
  • It contains 1000 Facebook MBs.
  • This package is valid for 30 days.

You can check the Jeez gift on your SIM by dialing *699#. If you dial this code, the list of cheap packages available exclusively for you will be shown below. If you want, you can install any of these packages.

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